Students Seek to be Heard by Board of Trust

Watch the video below to hear concerns of students, faculty, and alumni about the expanded non-discrimination policy.

Below the video is a list of events students have organized this week. This is a truly student led movement! We have watched with wonder and gratitude as a powerful grass-roots student movement has grown up here at Vanderbilt. We’ve been consistently impressed with the passion, integrity, initiative, respect, humility, thoughtfulness, and unity that these Christian students at Vanderbilt have demonstrated.If you live in Nashville, tonight (Wednesday) at 9:30, there is an on-campus service to which you are invited.

Please be praying for all the events listed and for the Board of Trust meeting, which takes place this week. Please also be in prayer for the student spokespeople and organizational leaders who are organizing these events, fielding questions  from the media, and facing increased public scrutiny (all of this while taking finals) and for all students who are participating in these events.  Also, be in prayer for us as campus ministers. All of us, students, faculty, and campus ministers, have had a wearying, trying year. In this busy and important week, we need the guidance, wisdom, unity and renewal of the Holy Spirit. We want to see God glorified and would invite you to pray with us toward that end!

1. Today, students  are distributing 4,000 MP4 players to students, faculty, and staff from 10 locations on Vanderbilt’s campus. These Mp4 players feature a seven-minute video presenting the response of Vanderbilt students, faculty, staff, and alumni to the administration’s expanded non-discrimination policy.

2. Tonight (Wednesday) at 9:30 pm, students, faculty, alumni and concerned friends will be gathering for a prayer service at the Student Life Center Courtyard to worship and pray that God would bless Administrators and the Board of Trust with wisdom as well as to pray that God would prepare the hearts of those in the faith community to respond in a way that reflects Christ, no matter what the outcome.

3. Thursday, students have invited board members to a barbecue lunch in the Student Life Center Courtyard. Please pray that some board members would attend and that good conversations might be had between students and board members.


***If you would like to show your support***

Please change your profile picture and banner back to the white cross and #wearevanderbilttoo, and please post about this week’s events and the issues surrounding them using #wearevanderbilttoo.

WEAR White
Whether you are at Sanctuary @ Vanderbilt, Lunch w/ Board of Trust, or going to class, please wear white starting Wednesday. To the public, it signifies that you are concerned about the decisions being made at this week’s Board of Trust meeting, and to other believers, it signifies that you are praying for them and the entire Body of Christ at Vanderbilt for strength and revival!


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